Privacy Policy

Please note that we do not store any credit/debit card details, physically or digitally. Once your payment is made via Stripe or PayPal, you can feel safe knowing your card information has been erased from the order on our website.


All payments for our products must be paid in advance on our website. Our preferred payment methods are credit/debit card where the transaction will be made on our behalf by Stripe, or PayPal. Our website’s selected currency is GBP, however, we accept other currencies. Purchasing from overseas will be subject to Stripe or PayPal’s currency conversions that we cannot be held accountable for.


Any delivery of our products will be calculated at your time of purchase. We have preferred carriers that may not always be available, replacement carriers will be determined at our discretion.

Delivery Times

Please note the following delivery times on our products (last updated – 8th October 2020);

Wooden Chanters – 14 days from order
Plastic Chanters – 14 days from order
Chanter Caps – 14 days from order
Chanter Cases – 14 days from order
Reeds – 7 days from order


We reserve the right to refuse a refund if your product has gone into the production stage. Please note that any cancellations should be made by filling in our contact form at the earliest opportunity.

Returns Policy

We understand our chanters aren’t for everyone but in the unlikely event you wish to return your chanter we will give you a full refund provided the following criteria are met:

  1. The chanter must be in a new or like new condition before returning it.
  2. The propriety must be in contact within 30 days of receipt of said chanter.
  3. The terms of the refund/return must be agreed upon with the company director.
  4. The Chanter must pass inspection to ensure the points 1 are in line with said agreement.