Q: I need a chanter ASAP for a special occasion and I can’t wait the lead time quoted. Can you help?

A: We can! We can push a chanter through if you need it for a certain date provided the times are viable. Note: Please only use this service in the case of an emergency as this disrupts production and causes other orders to be delayed.
**Please contact us before ordering to ensure your request is physically possible**

Q: What are the best reeds to use?

A: We use Frazer Warnock Reeds (long red/green tongues). We have found them to be the best and most consistent of the reeds we have tested. **We have heard Abbot reeds are also a good choice.

Q: What are your chanters made from?

A: Wood! That’s all we can say. If we told you any more we’d have to kill you!

Q: Where are you based?

A: Our workshop is in the centre of Glasgow.

Q: What’s your perfect cup of tea?

A: I like to use a standard tea bag – usually Scottish Pride – but any generic teabag will do.

1. Add the hot water and leave to infuse for 2 minutes (DO NOT mush the tea bag under any circumstance as this causes it to leave a bitter taste).

2. Now, here’s the kicker! You throw in an Earl Grey tea bag and let it mellow for 2 minute along with the generic tea bag.

3. When time has elapsed, remove both tea bags and discard. (Note: Be careful not to crush the bags as this leaves a bitter taste.)

4. Then add milk to taste or until the colour matches that of “Plantation Beige”.

Viola! The perfect cup of tea!

Returns Policy

We understand our chanters aren’t for everyone but in the unlikely event you wish to return your chanter we will give you a full refund provided the following criteria are met:

  1. The chanter must be in a new or like new condition
  2. The propriety must be in contact within 30 days of receipt of said item(s).
  3. The terms of the refund/return must be agreed upon with the company director.
  4. The items requested for a refund must be sent back to Maverick Glasgow LTD before a refund can be honoured.
  5. The items must pass inspection to ensure the points 1 are in line with said agreement.
  6. We are not responsible for the return journey of the items including but not limited to damaged caused on the return journey, loss of item, any fees or taxes as a result of mislabelling.