We understand our chanters aren’t for everyone but in the unlikely event you wish to return your chanter we will give you a full refund (minus original shipping costs) provided the following criteria are met:

  1. The chanter must be in a new or like new condition before returning it.
  2. The propriety must be in contact within 30 days of receipt of said chanter.
  3. The terms of the refund/return must be agreed upon with the company director.
  4. The Chanter must pass inspection to ensure the points 1 are in line with said agreement

For international orders; Please note Maverick will not be liable for any fees incurred during a return journey due to improper labelling or inaccurate customs declarations. These include, but are not limited too; return shipping fees, import tax, any duty fees. In the event of fees being requested before receipt of the retuned item, the item will either:

A: Be rejected and returned to the customer

B: Fees are paid and then deducted from the original sum paid for the chanter.