Blue Steel – Long Practice Chanter


Our chanters are fully hand-crafted using only the finest European hard woods.

No attention to detail has been missed when turning these true works of art. From the glass-like finish to the polished bores each and every chanter is meticulously checked to ensure that only the highest quality products bear the Maverick name.

Not only do they look great but Maverick chanters are the only practice chanters on the market today that do not require tuning. Our chanters are in tune straight out of the box, with good quality chanter reeds. No tape, no hassle.

We are so confident you will love our chanters that we offer a full money-back guarantee. No questions asked.


The “Maverick Long Chanter” is a longer version of our standard chanter, giving similar hole spacing to that of a pipe chanter. This chanter is more suitable for players who are comfortable with a full set of pipes as the spacing can be awkward for smaller, inexperienced hands.

“All practice chanters sound terrible… it’s just that ours sound less terrible than everyone else’s!”

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